A (very) simple Swing application framework.


Interface Summary
GUIApplication An interface for a generic GUI application.
GUIApplicationConstants The constants needed by the various pieces of a GUI application.
Plugin A "plugin" in a GUI application is a class that extends that application in some way.

Class Summary
AbstractGUIApplication A basic, generic GUI application.
AbstractPluggableGUIApplication An extension of AbstractGUIApplication adding the ability to add/remove plug-ins.
AbstractPlugin Base class for Plugin implementations that don't need to extend a specific class.
ActionRegistry A mapping of keys to actions.
ExceptionDialog The dialog displayed to the user when an Exception is caught.
ExtendedLookAndFeelInfo Information about a 3rd party Look and Feel in a JAR file.
GUIApplication.AboutAction The action that displays the application's About dialog.
GUIApplication.ExitAction Action that attempts to close the application.
GUIApplication.HelpAction The action that displays the application's Help dialog.
GUIApplication.ToggleStatusBarAction Action to toggle a GUIApplication's status bar.
GUIApplication.ToggleToolBarAction Action to toggle a GUIApplication's toolbar.
GUIApplicationPreferences Preferences for a GUIApplication.
GUIPlugin A plugin thats includes one or more dockable windows.
MenuBar The menu bar used by instances of GUIApplication.
PluginOptionsDialogPanel Options panel specifically for a plugin.
Prefs A simple wrapper for preferences for some object.
StandardAction The action type used by all instances of GUIApplication.
StatusBarPlugin A plugin representing a component in a status bar.
ThirdPartyLookAndFeelManager NOTE: Specifying LookAndFeels in this XML file is done at your own risk!
WizardDialogInfoPanel The type of panel you add via a WizardPlugin to a WizardPluginDialog.
WizardPlugin A base plugin for creating dialog-based wizards.
WizardPluginDialog The "wizard dialog" used by wizard plugins.

Exception Summary
InvalidPluginException The exception that is thrown if a plugin JAR contains some kind of error.

Package Description

A (very) simple Swing application framework.