RText Javadoc

org.fife.ctags Classes for parsing ctags files.
org.fife.help A standard Help dialog for applications.
org.fife.io Utility I/O classes.
org.fife.print Printing-related classes, including a "Print Preview" dialog.
org.fife.rtext The RText application.
org.fife.rtext.optionsdialog Defines RText's options dialog.
org.fife.rtext.plugins.console A dockable window simulating a system console.
org.fife.rtext.plugins.filesystemtree An RText plugin that displays a tree view of the local file system, for easy opening of files.
org.fife.rtext.plugins.heapindicator An RText plugin that displays a "JVM heap indicator" widget in the status bar.
org.fife.rtext.plugins.langsupport Support for parsing and code completion of programming languages.
org.fife.rtext.plugins.macros An RText plugin providing scripted macro support (e.g.
org.fife.rtext.plugins.project An RText plugin that adds project support.
org.fife.rtext.plugins.project.model The "model" classes representing a workspace of 1 or more projects.
org.fife.rtext.plugins.project.tree The workspace tree view in the plugin's dockable window.
org.fife.rtext.plugins.sourcebrowser An RText plugin that uses Ctags to display a tree view of source code.
org.fife.rtext.plugins.tasks An RText plugin that scans for tasks ("TODO", "FIXME", etc.) in source code comments.
org.fife.rtext.plugins.tidy Support for pretty-printing source code.
org.fife.rtext.plugins.tools External tool support.
org.fife.ui Custom Swing widgets and utility methods for Swing UI's.
org.fife.ui.app A (very) simple Swing application framework.
org.fife.ui.breadcrumbbar A breadcrumb bar component that can browse the local file system.
org.fife.ui.dockablewindows A simple dockable window framework for Swing applications.
org.fife.ui.modifiabletable A table widget that allows structured modifications to it (e.g., adding, removing and modifying rows).
org.fife.ui.rsyntaxtextarea Utility classes dealing with RSyntaxTextArea.
org.fife.ui.rtextarea Primarily options panels for the Options dialog that handle text editor options.
org.fife.ui.rtextfilechooser A file chooser designed specifically for text files.
org.fife.ui.rtextfilechooser.extras Host-specific extras for the file chooser.
org.fife.ui.rtextfilechooser.filters Commonly used file filters.
org.fife.ui.search Dialogs for text searching/replacement (Find, Replace, Find in Files, and Replace in Files).
org.fife.util Utility methods for various common stuff in an application.