Package org.fife.ui

Custom Swing widgets and utility methods for Swing UI's.


Interface Summary
DrawDnDIndicatorTabbedPane Tabbed panes who implement this interface will receive notification when a drop operation is pending over them, so they can draw an indicator rectangle where the dropped tab will occur.

Class Summary
AboutDialog An "About Dialog" for an application.
BevelDividerBorder A "border" that is actually just a bevel "divider" like those found in many Microsoft Windows applications.
CleanSplitPaneUI UI for a JSplitPane that draws no nasty bevels around components or the divider.
ColorCellRenderer A renderer for a JTable that displays a color.
CustomizableToolBar An extension of JToolBar that adds a right-click popup menu allowing the user to toggle docking and add or remove buttons and separators.
EscapableDialog A dialog that closes itself when the Escape key is pressed.
FileExplorerTableModel A table model that simulates the functionality found in the table used in Windows' "details view" in Windows explorer.
FontDialog A dialog box that allows the user to choose from all fonts available to the application on the system, as well as choose a font color.
FontSelector A panel allowing the user to select a font, for use in things such as options dialogs.
FSATextField A "File System-Aware" text field.
GetKeyStrokeDialog A dialog for editing a key stroke.
GUIWorkerThread This is a helper class that will do non-GUI-related work in a separate, dedicated thread, to keep the GUI responsive while doing CPU-heavy tasks.
Hyperlink A clickable hyperlink.
ImagePreviewPane An accessory panel for javax.swing.JFileChoosers that are used for picking image files (gif, png or jpg).
KeyStrokeCellRenderer Renderer for KeyStrokes in a JTable.
KeyStrokeField A text field that lets a user enter a KeyStroke.
MenuButton A button that, when clicked, presents the user with a popup menu.
OptionsDialog An options dialog similar to those found in many Microsoft Windows applications.
OptionsDialogPanel Base class for panels that go into an instance of OptionsDialog.
OptionsDialogPanel.OptionPanelBorder A border useful for dividing sections of an Options panel.
OptionsDialogPanel.OptionsPanelCheckResult The class that is returned from ensureValidInputs; it contains a JComponent that had invalid input, and a String to display as the error message.
PickyDocumentFilter A document filter that only allows certain characters to be entered.
RColorButton A javax.swing.JButton that lets the user pick a color.
RColorButton.ColorIcon An icon that is simply a rectangle of a given color.
RColorSwatchesButton A color button that, when clicked, displays a popup menu containing several color "swatches" to chooser from.
RecentFilesMenu A menu that keeps track of recently opened files.
ResizableFrameContentPane A panel to be used as the content pane for JDialogs and JFrames that are resizable.
RFileChooser A file chooser that looks and behaves exactly like JFileChooser, except that it remembers the "current working directory" (i.e., the directory from which you last opened or to which you saved a file).
RListSelectionModel A wrapper class; this selection model allows only a single selection, and does not allow the user to deselect.
RScrollPane An extension of JScrollPane that adds popup menus on its scrollbars, allowing the user to scroll, page over, etc.
RTreeSelectionModel A wrapper class; this selection model allows only a single selection, and does not allow the user to deselect.
SelectableLabel A "label" component that can have its text selected.
SizeGripIcon An icon that looks like a Windows 98/XP-style size grip.
SpecialValueComboBox An extension of JComboBox that remembers a special string for each of its contained items.
SplashScreen A window to display while your Swing application is loading; it behaves just like a "splash screen."
StatusBar A generic status bar containing a status message and a size grip, similar to those found in Microsoft Windows applications.
StatusBarPanel A panel used internally by StatusBar; it can have a "shadow" effect displayed at its top and bottom.
SubstanceKeyStrokeCellRenderer Renderer for KeyStrokes in a JTable when Substance is installed.
SubstanceUtils Utility methods for interfacing with Substance 7.2.1 (Insubstantial) in applications that only require Java 1.4 or later (Substance 6 requires Java 6).
TabbedPaneTransferHandler A transfer handler for JTabbedPanes.
TitledPanel A panel suitable for a "heading" for another JPanel.
ToolTipTree A tree that displays tooltips directly over the text of its nodes, like the file system tree found in Windows Explorer.
UIUtil Utility methods for org.fife.ui GUI components.
WebLookAndFeelUtils Utilities for using WebLookAndFeel.

Package org.fife.ui Description

Custom Swing widgets and utility methods for Swing UI's.