Class ThirdPartyLookAndFeelManager

  extended by

public class ThirdPartyLookAndFeelManager
extends java.lang.Object

NOTE: Specifying LookAndFeels in this XML file is done at your own risk! If a LookAndFeel throws an Exception on the EDT, for any reason (needs special configuration not handled by this LAF manager, requires a newer JRE version than is specified in the XML, etc.), it can hose the GUIApplication and keep it from running!

A class capable of reading an XML file specifying 3rd party Look and Feel JAR files, and returning an array of information about the Look and Feels, so your GUIApplication can use them.

The XML file read should have the following format:

   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
      <LookAndFeel name="name" class="class" jars="jar"/>
      <LookAndFeel name="name" class="class" jars="jar" minJavaVersion="1.6"/>
      ... other LookAndFeel tags if desired ...
where name is the name of the Look and Feel (as appears in RText's menu), class is the main Look and Feel class, such as org.fife.plaf.OfficeXP.OfficeXPLookAndFeel, and jars is the path(s) to the JAR file(s) containing the Look and Feel, relative to the install location of the specified GUIApplication. The minJavaVersion attribute is optional, and specifies the minimum Java version the JRE must be for the application to offer this LookAndFeel as a choice. This should be a double value, such as "1.5", "1.6", etc.

Robert Futrell

Constructor Summary
ThirdPartyLookAndFeelManager(java.lang.String appRoot)
Method Summary
 ExtendedLookAndFeelInfo[] get3rdPartyLookAndFeelInfo()
          Returns an array of information on the JAR files containing 3rd party Look and Feels.
 java.lang.ClassLoader getLAFClassLoader()
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Constructor Detail


public ThirdPartyLookAndFeelManager(java.lang.String appRoot)

Method Detail


public ExtendedLookAndFeelInfo[] get3rdPartyLookAndFeelInfo()
Returns an array of information on the JAR files containing 3rd party Look and Feels. These jars were dynamically loaded from an XML file relative to the root directory you gave this manager instance.

An array of URLs for JAR files containing Look and Feels.


public java.lang.ClassLoader getLAFClassLoader()