Package org.fife.rtext

The RText application.


Interface Summary
CurrentTextAreaListener A listener interested in knowing about changes to the current text area.
RTextActionInfo An interface containing all information about RText's actions.

Class Summary
AbstractMainView Abstract class representing a collection of RTextEditorPanes.
AbstractParserNoticeWindow Base class for dockable windows containing parser notices.
AWTExceptionHandler Catches uncaught exceptions thrown in the EDT.
BottomLineBorder A border that draws a single 1-pixel line across the bottom of the component.
CurrentTextAreaEvent Event that notifies when a property of the current text area changes.
EmptyIcon An icon that paints nothing.
FileTypeIconManager Manages icons used for file types by subclasses of AbstractMainView.
NumberDocumentFilter A document filter that only allows digits to be entered.
RemoteFileChooser A dialog that allows the user to open or save a remote file via FTP.
RText An instance of the RText text editor.
RTextEditorPane An extension of TextEditorPane that adds RText-specific features.
RTextMenuBar The menu bar used by rtext.
RTextPreferences A class representing several properties of an RText session.
RTextUtilities Collection of tools for use by any of the RText components.
SearchManager Handles the Find and Replace dialogs and search bars.
SearchToolBar The toolbar used by RText for quick searching.
SpellingSupport Handles spell checking options in RText.
StatusBar The status bar used by rtext.
StoreKeeper Keeps track of all org.fife.rtext.RText instances (windows) that are open, and provides an interface to update their Look and Feels together.
SyntaxFilters Manages a list of wildcard file filters and what syntax highlighting styles they map to.

Enum Summary
SearchManager.SearchingMode Specifies what searching UI the user wants to use.

Package org.fife.rtext Description

The RText application.