Package org.fife.ui.rtextarea

A single-font text editor with many custom features.


Interface Summary
BackgroundPainterStrategy Interface for classes that paint the background of an RTextAreaBase.
GutterIconInfo Information about an icon displayed in a Gutter.
RTextAreaHighlighter.HighlightInfo Information about a highlight being painted by this highlighter.
RTextAreaHighlighter.LayeredHighlightInfo Information about a layered highlight being painted by this highlighter.
ToolTipSupplier A ToolTipSupplier can create tool tip text for an RTextArea on its behalf.

Class Summary
BufferedImageBackgroundPainterStrategy A strategy for painting the background of an RTextAreaBase as an image.
ChangeableHighlightPainter An extension of LayerPainter that allows the user to change several of its properties: Its color/fill style (can use a GradientPaint, for example).
ColorBackgroundPainterStrategy A strategy for painting the background of an RTextAreaBase as a solid color.
ConfigurableCaret The caret used by RTextArea.
FoldIndicator Component in the gutter that displays +/- icons to expand and collapse fold regions in the editor.
Gutter The gutter is the component on the left-hand side of the text area that displays optional information such as line numbers, fold regions, and icons (for bookmarks, debugging breakpoints, error markers, etc.).
IconGroup This class encapsulates the location, properties, etc. of an icon set used for an instance of RTextArea.
IconRowHeader Renders icons in the Gutter.
ImageBackgroundPainterStrategy A strategy for painting the background of an RTextAreaBase as an image.
LineNumberList Renders line numbers in the gutter.
Macro A macro as recorded/played back by an RTextArea.
RDocument The document implementation used by instances of RTextArea.
RecordableTextAction The base action used by the actions defined in RTextAreaEditorKit.
RTADefaultInputMap The default input map for an RTextArea.
RTATextTransferHandler Handles the transfer of data to/from an RTextArea via drag-and-drop.
RTextArea An extension of JTextArea that adds the following features: Insert/Overwrite modes (can be toggled via the Insert key) A right-click popup menu with standard editing options Macro support "Mark all" functionality.
RTextAreaEditorKit An extension of DefaultEditorKit that adds functionality found in RTextArea.
RTextAreaEditorKit.BeepAction Creates a beep.
RTextAreaEditorKit.BeginAction Moves the caret to the beginning of the document.
RTextAreaEditorKit.BeginLineAction Toggles the position of the caret between the beginning of the line, and the first non-whitespace character on the line.
RTextAreaEditorKit.BeginRecordingMacroAction Action that begins recording a macro.
RTextAreaEditorKit.BeginWordAction Positions the caret at the beginning of the word.
RTextAreaEditorKit.CopyAction Action for copying text.
RTextAreaEditorKit.CutAction Action for cutting text.
RTextAreaEditorKit.DecreaseFontSizeAction Action for decreasing the font size.
RTextAreaEditorKit.DefaultKeyTypedAction The action to use when no actions in the input/action map meet the key pressed.
RTextAreaEditorKit.DeleteLineAction Deletes the current line(s).
RTextAreaEditorKit.DeleteNextCharAction Deletes the character of content that follows the current caret position.
RTextAreaEditorKit.DeletePrevCharAction Deletes the character of content that precedes the current caret position.
RTextAreaEditorKit.DeletePrevWordAction Action that deletes the previous word in the text area.
RTextAreaEditorKit.DeleteRestOfLineAction Action that deletes all text from the caret position to the end of the caret's line.
RTextAreaEditorKit.DumbCompleteWordAction Finds the most recent word in the document that matches the "word" up to the current caret position, and auto-completes the rest.
RTextAreaEditorKit.EndAction Moves the caret to the end of the document.
RTextAreaEditorKit.EndLineAction Positions the caret at the end of the line.
RTextAreaEditorKit.EndRecordingMacroAction Action that ends recording a macro.
RTextAreaEditorKit.EndWordAction Positions the caret at the end of the word.
RTextAreaEditorKit.IncreaseFontSizeAction Action for increasing the font size.
RTextAreaEditorKit.InsertBreakAction Action for when the user presses the Enter key.
RTextAreaEditorKit.InsertContentAction Action taken when content is to be inserted.
RTextAreaEditorKit.InsertTabAction Places a tab character into the document.
RTextAreaEditorKit.InvertSelectionCaseAction Action to invert the selection's case.
RTextAreaEditorKit.JoinLinesAction Action to join the current line and the following line.
RTextAreaEditorKit.LineMoveAction Action that moves a line up or down.
RTextAreaEditorKit.LowerSelectionCaseAction Action to make the selection lower-case.
RTextAreaEditorKit.NextBookmarkAction Action that moves the caret to the next (or previous) bookmark.
RTextAreaEditorKit.NextOccurrenceAction Selects the next occurrence of the text last selected.
RTextAreaEditorKit.NextVisualPositionAction Action to move the selection and/or caret.
RTextAreaEditorKit.NextWordAction Positions the caret at the next word.
RTextAreaEditorKit.PasteAction Action for pasting text.
RTextAreaEditorKit.PlaybackLastMacroAction "Plays back" the last macro recorded.
RTextAreaEditorKit.PreviousOccurrenceAction Select the previous occurrence of the text last selected.
RTextAreaEditorKit.PreviousWordAction Positions the caret at the beginning of the previous word.
RTextAreaEditorKit.RedoAction Re-does the last action undone.
RTextAreaEditorKit.ScrollAction Scrolls the text area one line up or down, without changing the caret position.
RTextAreaEditorKit.SelectAllAction Selects the entire document.
RTextAreaEditorKit.SelectLineAction Selects the line around the caret.
RTextAreaEditorKit.SelectWordAction Selects the word around the caret.
RTextAreaEditorKit.SetReadOnlyAction Puts the text area into read-only mode.
RTextAreaEditorKit.SetWritableAction Puts the text area into writable (from read-only) mode.
RTextAreaEditorKit.TimeDateAction The action for inserting a time/date stamp.
RTextAreaEditorKit.ToggleBookmarkAction Toggles whether the current line has a bookmark.
RTextAreaEditorKit.ToggleTextModeAction The action for the insert key toggling insert/overwrite modes.
RTextAreaEditorKit.UndoAction Undoes the last action done.
RTextAreaEditorKit.UnselectAction Removes the selection, if any.
RTextAreaEditorKit.UpperSelectionCaseAction Action to make the selection upper-case.
RTextAreaEditorKit.VerticalPageAction Scrolls up/down vertically.
RTextAreaHighlighter The highlighter implementation used by RTextAreas.
RTextAreaHighlighter.HighlightInfoImpl A straightforward implementation of HighlightInfo.
RTextAreaHighlighter.LayeredHighlightInfoImpl A straightforward implementation of HighlightInfo for painting layered highlights.
RTextAreaUI The UI used by instances of RTextArea.
RTextScrollPane An extension of JScrollPane that will only take RTextAreas (or javax.swing.JLayers decorating RTextAreas) for its view.
RUndoManager This class manages undos/redos for a particular editor pane.
SearchContext Contains information about a find/replace operation.
SearchEngine A singleton class that can perform advanced find/replace operations in an RTextArea.
SearchResult The result of a find, replace, or "mark all" operation.
SmartHighlightPainter A "smart" highlight painter designed for use in RSyntaxTextArea.
VolatileImageBackgroundPainterStrategy A strategy for painting the background of an RTextAreaBase as an image.

Package org.fife.ui.rtextarea Description

A single-font text editor with many custom features.