Package org.fife.ui.rsyntaxtextarea

A syntax-highlighting text editor.


Interface Summary
ActiveLineRangeListener Listens for "active line range" events from an RSyntaxTextArea.
LinkGenerator Generates hyperlinks in a document.
LinkGeneratorResult A result object from a LinkGenerator.
OccurrenceMarker An OccurrenceMarker is called when the caret stops moving after a short period.
SyntaxConstants Constants that define the different programming languages understood by RSyntaxTextArea.
Token A generic token that functions as a node in a linked list of syntax highlighted tokens for some language.
TokenMaker An implementation of TokenMaker is a class that turns text into a linked list of Tokens for syntax highlighting in a particular language.
TokenOrientedView An interface for the syntax-highlighting token oriented views for token-oriented methods.
TokenTypes All token types supported by RSyntaxTextArea.

Class Summary
AbstractJFlexCTokenMaker Base class for JFlex-based token makers using C-style syntax.
AbstractJFlexTokenMaker Base class for JFlex-generated token makers.
AbstractTokenMaker An abstract implementation of the TokenMaker interface.
AbstractTokenMakerFactory Base class for TokenMakerFactory implementations.
ActiveLineRangeEvent The event fired by RSyntaxTextAreas when the active line range changes.
CodeTemplateManager Manages "code templates."
DocumentRange A range of text in a document.
ErrorStrip A component to sit alongside an RSyntaxTextArea that displays colored markers for locations of interest (parser errors, marked occurrences, etc.).
FileLocation Holds the location of a local or remote file.
FoldingAwareIconRowHeader A row header component that takes code folding into account when painting itself.
PopupWindowDecorator A hook allowing hosting applications to decorate JWindows created by the AutoComplete library.
RSyntaxDocument The document used by RSyntaxTextArea.
RSyntaxTextArea An extension of RTextArea that adds syntax highlighting of certain programming languages to its list of features.
RSyntaxTextAreaDefaultInputMap The default input map for an RSyntaxTextArea.
RSyntaxTextAreaEditorKit An extension of RTextAreaEditorKit that adds functionality for programming-specific stuff.
RSyntaxTextAreaEditorKit.BeginWordAction Positions the caret at the beginning of the word.
RSyntaxTextAreaEditorKit.ChangeFoldStateAction Expands or collapses the nearest fold.
RSyntaxTextAreaEditorKit.CloseCurlyBraceAction Action that (optionally) aligns a closing curly brace with the line containing its matching opening curly brace.
RSyntaxTextAreaEditorKit.CloseMarkupTagAction (Optionally) completes a closing markup tag.
RSyntaxTextAreaEditorKit.CollapseAllCommentFoldsAction Collapses all comment folds.
RSyntaxTextAreaEditorKit.CollapseAllFoldsAction Collapses all folds.
RSyntaxTextAreaEditorKit.CopyAsRtfAction Action for copying text as RTF.
RSyntaxTextAreaEditorKit.DecreaseFontSizeAction Action for decreasing the font size of all fonts in the text area.
RSyntaxTextAreaEditorKit.DecreaseIndentAction Action for when un-indenting lines (either the current line if there is selection, or all selected lines if there is one).
RSyntaxTextAreaEditorKit.DeletePrevWordAction Deletes the previous word, but differentiates symbols from "words" to match the behavior of code editors.
RSyntaxTextAreaEditorKit.EndAction Moves the caret to the end of the document, taking into account code folding.
RSyntaxTextAreaEditorKit.EndWordAction Positions the caret at the end of the word.
RSyntaxTextAreaEditorKit.ExpandAllFoldsAction Expands all folds.
RSyntaxTextAreaEditorKit.GoToMatchingBracketAction Action for moving the caret to the "matching bracket" of the bracket at the caret position (either before or after).
RSyntaxTextAreaEditorKit.IncreaseFontSizeAction Action for increasing the font size of all fonts in the text area.
RSyntaxTextAreaEditorKit.InsertBreakAction Action for when the user presses the Enter key.
RSyntaxTextAreaEditorKit.InsertTabAction Action for inserting tabs.
RSyntaxTextAreaEditorKit.NextWordAction Action to move the selection and/or caret.
RSyntaxTextAreaEditorKit.PossiblyInsertTemplateAction Action for when the user tries to insert a template (that is, they've typed a template ID and pressed the trigger character (a space) in an attempt to do the substitution).
RSyntaxTextAreaEditorKit.PreviousWordAction Action to move the selection and/or caret.
RSyntaxTextAreaEditorKit.SelectWordAction Selects the word around the caret.
RSyntaxTextAreaEditorKit.ToggleCommentAction Action that toggles whether the currently selected lines are commented.
RSyntaxTextAreaEditorKit.ToggleCurrentFoldAction Toggles the fold at the current caret position or line.
RSyntaxTextAreaHighlighter The highlighter implementation used by RSyntaxTextAreas.
RSyntaxTextAreaUI UI used by RSyntaxTextArea.
RSyntaxUtilities Utility methods used by RSyntaxTextArea and its associated classes.
RtfGenerator Generates RTF text via a simple Java API.
SelectRegionLinkGeneratorResult A link generator result that selects a region of text in the text area.
SquiggleUnderlineHighlightPainter Highlight painter that paints a squiggly underline underneath text, similar to what popular IDE's such as Visual Studio and Eclipse do to indicate errors, warnings, etc.
Style The color and style information for a token type.
SyntaxScheme The set of colors and styles used by an RSyntaxTextArea to color tokens.
SyntaxView The javax.swing.text.View object used by RSyntaxTextArea when word wrap is disabled.
TextEditorPane An extension of RSyntaxTextArea that adds information about the file being edited, such as: Its name and location.
Theme A theme is a set of fonts and colors to use to style RSyntaxTextArea.
TokenImpl The default implementation of Token.
TokenMakerFactory A factory that maps syntax styles to TokenMakers capable of splitting text into tokens for those syntax styles.
TokenMap A hash table for reserved words, etc. defined by a TokenMaker.
TokenUtils Utility methods for dealing with tokens.
WrappedSyntaxView The view used by RSyntaxTextArea when word wrap is enabled.
WrappedSyntaxView2 Replacement for the old WrappedSyntaxView class, designed to be faster with large wrapped documents.
XmlOccurrenceMarker Marks occurrences of the current token for XML.

Package org.fife.ui.rsyntaxtextarea Description

A syntax-highlighting text editor.